Poop Bags dispenser and treats holder in genuine leather for dogs

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Practical and original poop bags holder and bisquits holder - universal dispenser in the shape of a little bag in genuine leather for dog. The bag holder is universal and can be hung anywhere - for every type of leash and bag, thanks to a detachable handle with clip, suitable for any type of bags rolls for dogs. Elegant little bag shape with clip -on flap for quick bag refill.

Available in many different leathers and colors.

100% Genuine leather handmade in Italy


100% genuine leather

Width 8 cm

Length 5,5 cm

Depth 4,5 cm


100% Made in Italy 

This product is hand made of high level craft manufacturing entirely Made in Italy and Made with Love! The materials used to make the product are carefully selected and of the best quality.

Congratulations! You have choosen the best quality product for your pet, studied for the maximum of comfort and style.

Pupakiotti - Pet's Amore!

Mat.genuine leather

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Bags for dogs

Bags for dogs



Wash in a washing machine at 30 degree. Wash by hand in cold water garments with precious details

Collars and leashes

Avoid spraying on collars and leashes or applying any alcohol or oil-based products such as: parfume, hairspray, bodylotions, cleansers. Never expose them to extreme heat or direct sunlight over long periods of time.


We advise you to wash all the bags with a wet cloth with neutral cleanser. No drayer.


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