How Pupakiotti Pets project is born

Dear friends, this is the first article in our blog, I will tell you how the Pupakiotti project was born.I'm Elena, founder and designer of the Pupakiotti Pets collection. My beloved dog Chanel is model and testimonial.

Together we will tell the story of Pupakiotti and of the development of the project.

The Pupakiotti Pets project is founded by me and my husband Sergio, Pupakiotti is born from deep love for animals and 15 years of our entrepreneurial experience and business consultancy in the fashion industry.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to acquire important experiences in design, manufacture and distribution of fashion and luxury clothing and accessories, as well as in international selective distribution in wholesale, retail and franchise channels for well-known Italian brands.

The mission of the Pupakiotti Pets project is to bring the same level of quality, professionalism, style and added value of the Made in Italy fashion and design to our furry friends. We take care of animals and transmit love to all this world. One of our priorities  is to contribute to animal welfare, helping doghouses and pets associations.

The naming of the Pupakiotti brand is a fantasy name, created from italian word PUPO - term of endearment used to call our dogs. So Pupakiotti name is born from it to expresses passion and emotion for all four-legged friends.

Next time I will tell you how I create a dress

To be continued ...