Research of trends and fabrics selection to create a collection for dogs

Dear friends, Today I tell you about a very important phase of my work - looking for trends, colors, fabrics, accessories, packaging, in order to make unique and exclusive items for the Pupakiotti collections.To be familiar with all fashion trends, to know the current colors, the fabrics that are used in each new season it is necessary to be constantly updated.

Every season, major international fairs are held in Milan and Paris, where the various suppliers exhibit new proposals based on new trends. Usually there are presented 3 to 4 main themes on colors and fabrics and every stylist has to find his identity in the multitude of offers. The visit to the fair may take more than a day. Sometimes I need to review the various proposals to make a single personal design.

At the fair, even 12 - 18 months before presenting the collection, I sample the fabrics and prepare the layout of the collection. A few days later, received the first fabrics samples, I can venture on creativity and prepare the first prototypes.

You will ask - is it possible to do all these efforts to creating dog clothes?

My biggest aspiration is to make fashionable our furry friends and happy their humans. My mission is to make your furry friend beautiful and well cared. And this is definitely worth my commitment and dedication!

fashion fabrics research

To be continued...