Why and how to dress your dog in summer

Dear friends,

Today I and Chanel will talk about how to protect our dogs from the summer heat and air conditioning, we will tell how, but above all, why dress our furry friends during this time of year.

Surely you will have noticed that in summer your dog gets tired more often, suffers from the heat and the sudden changes in temperature with the air conditioning.

To make sure that our furry friends live in maximum comfort in the summer, the basic rules are:

- keep fresh water within reach of the dog

- leave the dog as much as possible in the shade

- less protein in the food

This could be enough if your pet stays most of the time at home.

If, on the other hand, you love taking long walks together, or even more traveling together - dressing your puppy can become indispensable.

For a walk in the sunshine, we humans often use a hat. For the children, the summer hat is a must.

Our four-legged friends, especially of small size and of light mantle, are very delicate, therefore they need protection.

Sundress with coordinated cap for dog by Pupakiotti

As a solution, Pupakiotti has created a line of products, specially designed for the protection and comfort of dogs during the summer:

- very fresh sundresses in lightweight cotton for girls

- sunshirt in lightweight cotton for boys

- coordinated caps with visor

Abito - parasole con berretto coordinato per cane


Camicia parasole per berretto coordinato per cane

This clothing set has dual functionality:

- protects the dog from direct sunlight (both the head and the body)

- in the transition from the heat to the air-conditioned environment, it protects the animal from both direct and indirect cold air, keeping the body temperature in the first moments and thus avoiding the risk of colds and joint pains.

The dress for the girl and the shirt for the boy are made in such a way as to leave the part underneath (the chest and the belly) completely open, allowing complete freedom of movement to the animal, also allowing suitable ventilation.

The cap has a sun visor, special holes for ears and an adjustable drawstring strap. It is practical to wear and does not disturb the dog.

Abito parasole con cappellino abbinato per cane


Abito parasole con cappellino abbinato per cane


Camicia parasole con cappellino abbinato per cane


Camicia parasole con cappellino abbinato per cane

Always remember that dogs walk barefoot, so try to avoid long walks on the hot asphalt to avoid burns to the paws (we have not yet made the flip-flops for dogs :-)

Chanel veste l'abito e il cappellino estivo Pupakiotti per cani


Chanel veste l'abito parasole e il cappellino abbinato per cani di Pupakiotti

Chanel was the first to try this summer set and I must say she is happy to wear it. She never tried to take off his hat (only when we get home she remember to take it off :-))

Honestly, I would not have thought of dressing her so often. We have traveled a lot this summer together - plane, train, car, and it has been constantly changing from the external heat to the internal cold.

I did not hear her cough or sneeze than usual, and I'm happy about it.

For the long stay inside the air-conditioned rooms we have also created a very light cover in cotton muslin, I used it a lot, in some situations I found it even essential. We will propose it for the next summer 2019 collection.

Thanks to all these tricks, my beloved Chanel has made many trips with me this summer, without suffering the slightest discomfort, and we will do many more trips yet.

I am happy to have found a small solution that allows a better quality of life for our furry four-legged friends, as well as for the serenity of their humans. Everything is always made with Pupakiotti quality and style.

It will be a pleasure to read your comments and stories about your 6-legged summer trips!

Happy holidays and see you soon!

Elena & Chanel