NoKnots Sweater for dog in wool lined with satin

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Funny sweat shirt lined in satin, anti-knot model. The garment is made with tailoring techniques that guarantee a comfortable fit. Enriched with a nice star shaped patch.

  • Limit the creation of knots
  • It protects better from the wind
  • Maintains body heat better
  • Easy to put on, as it closes with buttons
  • Suitable for long-haired dogs, naked dogs, small dogs
  • Excellent alternative to the classic sweat shirt that is worn by the head

Ideal for winter and mid-season.

Made with care in Italy

The selection of fabrics is of the best Italian quality. 

The garment is made with 100% merino wool and refined high fashion fabric.

The modeling of the garment is developed with care and sartorial attention, designed for a real comfort of the dog. The fit is cared in detail to create a perfectly ergonomic garment. The model follows the shapes and movements of the dog, maintaining an impeccable aesthetic.

Perfect style for chihuahua, yorkshire, poodle, maltese, bolognese, spritz, shih tzu, pincher, schnauzer, jack russel, shar pei, pug in general small dogs weighing up to 7 kg


This product is hand made of high level craft manufacturing entirely Made in Italy and Made with Love! The materials used to make the product are carefully selected and of the best quality.

Congratulations! You have choosen the best quality product for your pet, studied for the maximum of comfort and style.

Pupakiotti - Pet's Amore!

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sweatshirt with silk embroidery for dog

sweatshirt with silk embroidery for dog

Nice summer sweatshirt, 100% cotton jersey fabric with 100% silk inserts. The garment is finished with hand made embroidery in the shape of a heart on the back, in silk jacquard. Perfect garment for chihuahua, yorkshire, poodle, maltipoo, maltese, spitz and generally small dogs weighing up to 7 kg.

Exclusive model 100% Made in Italy


The measurements are reffered to the dog measurements (not to the garment ones)

Pupakiotti size chart



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We advise you to wash all the bags with a wet cloth with neutral cleanser. No drayer.


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