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Pupakiotti is a story of love and passion...

...Irrepressible love for dogs, immoderate passion for quality, design and functionality.

"I live in a parallel world, of pure love, surrounded by sincere and wonderful creatures. In BAUttega every customer who enters jumps for joy and showers me with kisses lying blissfully in my arms. The humans who accompany them, taking care of them, they live happy and carefree moments. I often work a lot, but while I create something or run in search of the best materials, I think of all of them, how comfortable, pampered and posh they will be with my products. I love this feeling, this joy, seeing happiness in eyes..."

Elena Montagna

Pettorina Pupakiotti

è veramente facile e piacevole indossare la pettorina Pupakiotti per una gioiosa passeggiata insieme

Artisan quality: we use only the best Made in Italy materials.

Our attention to Made in Italy does not stop only at the artisan production of our products. At our warehouse, each order is handled with innovation and meticulous organization . Each product is coded and stored in special anti-dust cells, to preserve its quality, inside which it is packaged and divided by size and color variant, thus ensuring efficient warehouse management and rapid order shipment .

But that is not all! To guarantee the maximum safety and quality of the products, we subject them to control and safety phases before shipping them, thus guaranteeing maximum usability of the product by your pupakiotto.

We undertake every day to ensure the utmost care and attention in production , order management and product safety , to offer our four-legged friends only the best that Italy has to offer.


Genuine leather harness for dogs, exclusive Pupakiotti Bustier model, ergonomic and adjustable. The Pupakiotti harness was conceived in several months of tests and optimizations, useful for achieving a safe and comfortable fit in the different sizes, dog breeds and at the same time practical use. We invented from scratch a new model of harness , original and different from any other on the market today and we deposited it to protect our creativity. To better identify it we have called it Bustier Harness , given the specific bustier shape.

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Fitting Dedicated to dachshunds

Use the filter and look for garments in sizes 1T, 2T, 3T.

Consult the size chart for measurements

Fittings dedicated to bulldogs

Use the filter and look for items in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4.

Consult the size chart for measurements

Scopri il mondo Pupakiotti! Visita la Bauttega Milanese in
Via VIvaio, 14 a Milano




Discover the Pupakiotti world! Visit the Bauttega Milanese in
Via VIvaio, 14

Bauttega Milanese

Bauttega Milanese

Bauttega Milanese


Beautiful boutique for very chic and elegant small and medium-sized dogs. The owners are exquisite and always know how to advise you on the best for your furry little one. Coco has taken a very high quality harness that is also well suited to small greyhounds. I recommend it to anyone who wants the best for their dogs.

Michelle Regazzi

Beautiful shop. The owner Elena is very kind and very helpful and patient with our Paco. Top products made with high quality materials such as the new very comfortable bag for our dogs but also aesthetically very beautiful for us demanding mamas. Highly recommended

Franca Carini

Beautiful shop!! All the accessories for our 4-legged friends are beautiful! Excellent quality and Elena is so kind and nice and patient and a great photographer! I recommend these shops to all, both for "basic necessities" such as collars and leashes, but also for fanciful and refined accessories! ❤️

Constance Welcome

A real boutique for our furbabies!
Products of absolute quality and aesthetically very beautiful.
I highly recommend it to everyone, also considering the great availability and sympathy of the owners.
Thanks to Elena for the wonderful photos taken of my's one 💖

Monica Mandò

Elena always welcomes you with a big smile.
A true professional who puts her heart into what she does.
Kindness and courtesy in this splendid shop are never lacking!

Simona Dazzi

Elegant boutique for furry 4-legged puppies, with different and refined proposals compared to the standard pet shop. The wonderful products as well as being fashionable and made with high quality materials/fabrics can be customized. Definitely recommended also for the availability and passion of the owners!

Yuri Guida

I bought this set: harness, leash and bag holder for my little Brownie. Excellent material, innovative design and delightful staff!
Highly recommend 👍🏻 thanks Elena also for the wonderful photo! …

Annalisa Tonini

Fabulous shop and Elena was really available to accommodate our needs.
Our Margot was super pampered.
Highly recommend!!

Sarah Taste

Beautiful boutique! I went with my little bulldog and we left super satisfied with the purchases made!
Product MUST HAVE THEIR SUPER HARNESS 🐾💕 #ilovepupakiottipets …

Elena Sechi

"Ton sur Ton" collar + leash
I bought the collar, leash and handbag for bags and biscuits for my tricolor Cavalier King puppy.
It is a quality product, practical, very functional and above all extremely elegant.
My puppy and I are very satisfied.

Anna Bettoli

High quality products. Elena, the owner, very kind and very helpful. Super recommended !!! I will definitely be back!!

Maria Luisa Martelli

Excellent in all respects, great competence and kindness! Thanks from me and Daphne.

Fabio Matarrese

Very nice shop and very kind and professional owners. We bought high quality products


we loved this shop! Elena and her husband have always been kind and helpful, and have shown true passion for what they do, this is reflected in their products which are of excellent quality and some of which are tailor-made for the particular physicality of some breeds

Ariadne Cappato

Excellent store where you can buy exclusive accessories for your four-legged friends. Handmade with sartorial research, they make every walk unique.

Alberto Ragnini

Very well stocked shop everything for puppies from the magnificent harness leashes to the well above average coats made very well and of undisputed quality of course they have excellent dog food in cooking pots excellent puffed rice with fruit and vegetables the prices are much higher to the usual maxizoo or arcaplanet there is not the least comparable if you can spend a few euros more for your friend do it definitely worth it if only for the quality of the various products.

Marco Parmigiani

EXCELLENT boutique with excellent products for our loving 4-legged friends. Friendliness combined with professionalism are at home with excellent advice for the well-being of your 4-legged friend. I was personally recommended a harness for my pupakiotta who every time I got back from vigorous walks she was coughing for almost half an hour in a row but with this type of harness it doesn't happen anymore and my princess is free to run and play in QUIET freedom. Thank you PUPAKIOTTI

Adriana A.

Prince is delighted with his new coat!!💙 thank you Elena ! 😍 …

Giorgia Casasco

High quality and indestructible leather harnesses. My dog ​​has been using it every day for 1 year: she plays with it, rolls around in the grass, in the mud, even bathes in the lake and doesn't have a scratch.
Highly recommended!

Julia Costa

Gorgeous shop, Elena and Sergio are really friendly and competent!
The items are of high quality, we also really appreciated the imagination, passion and willingness to offer custom products too!
Monica & Salvatore


Excellent products, super comfortable harness and very light and very soft leather.
Super nice and helpful owners who will make your dogs feel at home!

Irene Bonora

Boutique for Dogs ❤️
It feels like entering a children's store; you can buy clothing and accessories for your dog: super fashion, all finished down to the smallest detail and of high quality! Dogs come out like naughty photos from Pupakkiotti

One of a kind leather harness

Stephanie Gilli

Beautiful shop in the center of Milan.
The real leather harness and leash for Caco is fantastic, very elegant, glamorous and design.


Michael Milesi

Highly recommended!! Available, competent, immediate shipping and always fashionable and quality items! The top 💪🏻🔝 No less kindness and friendliness! …


In this boutique I found great professionalism and truly original accessories for my bulla! We will see each other soon !

Roberta Masiero

Their products are of great quality and beautiful, my kira looks great with their matching collars with the bracelet for me ❤️ fantastic shop for our 4 legged friends 🐾 …

Angela Poledda

A beautiful shop, kind and caring owners towards our puppy! They shared a lot of useful information and explained many things to us... For them it's not a job it's a real passion and you can feel it right away!!!

Alessia Scorrano

A magical world where we found our favorite sweater.
Elena is very kind and helpful, it's like staying at home.

Barbara Collini

Fashionable and joyful boutique, garments with attention to detail, owner extremely kind and attentive to customer satisfaction. My Rey and I get along great

Anna Larussa

Finally a comfortable harness as well as beautiful!!!

Frances Claudius

Fantastic shop, very helpful and kind, the harness I bought is beautiful.

Simonetta Rocco

Beautiful Boutique
Professionalism and sympathy
Great products

Amy Chic

High quality products, well cared for details and excellent quality materials

Sina Matique

Very helpful owners with top products and prices accessible to all.


great competence, beautiful and quality products

Nicoletta Lombardini

A beautiful shop with perfect service!nd services are absolutely fantastic!

Elena Busso

Harnesses different from the usual ... very functional

Clare Ponzoni

This store and Elena were just wonderful! I got this jacket on my trip to Milan and it was a winner! I got asked about it so many times 😍❤️

Rayanh Alsaif

Excellent quality for furry friends. lovely service.

Adrian August Wildenauer

Such a lovely store. The products are amazing quality and have a very unique and fashionable look! I will recommend this store to anyone who is looking for amazing quality and fair pricing! I will definitely repurchase here multiple times! The owner was also incredibly kind to us and took all her time to try on as many things with my puppy as possible. We even received beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed my time here.

Marie Von Braun

The owners of the store were incredibly friendly and took their time to show us their entire collection to choose from. They also took the measurements of our dogs, so in the future we can purchase without having any doubts of which size to get. Highly recommend for dog owners wanting to “spoil” their pets.

Michael Gambino

A very beautiful place! I found many fantastic gifts at a very good price to bring to my fur baby from my trip to Milan, made in January. Thank you!

Olessia Samiatina

High quality products 👌🏻

Maria Budnitzkaia


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