Frequent questions

Are Pupakiotti products Made in Italy?

Yes, we are producers and we make everything in Lombardy

Are you producers?

Yes, we are producers of all Pupakiotti branded items and we also do private label productions for third parties.

Why are you talking about product features?

Pupakiotti articles have a design carefully studied to meet the dog's comfort needs but also for the practicality and comfort of those who accompany them.

Why don't you produce fleece garments?

Because we are responsible for the environment. Fleece is a polyester microfiber and when washed it produces micro-plastics. Never heard of micro-plastics
in seas and oceans? We prefer organic fibers. Furthermore, fleece is not very healthy for the dog, as movement creates friction with the fur, causing the dog to feel discouraged and uncomfortable

Why doesn't Pupakiotti make baby-style clothing?

We have chosen to create quality products with a deliberately sober and respectful style. We are of the opinion that quality, fashion and design are a serious matter and should not be confused with an obsessive excess of glitter and bon bons

Do you make customized products or for large breed dogs?

We have developed two specific lines, one for French bulldogs, another for dachshunds, as these dog breeds have completely different body structure standards. About 100 individuals were measured to make them, this allowed us to create very accurate fittings and we see that customers appreciate it a lot

How do you reduce the use of plastic?

We try to limit the use of plastic as much as possible in all industrial processes and phases.

For the packaging we are using cardboard and paper bags. The shipping boxes are made of brown cardboard and closed with canvas paper tape. Some product containers have been designed for easy and practical reuse. Zip bags and tnt bags are designed for logistics management from the warehouse to the store but also reusable for storing and storing products in the wardrobe.

I have a dachshund, do you have anything for my dog?

Yes, we have created a specific line of coats for dachshunds. About 60 individuals were measured to make them, which allowed us to create very accurate fittings. Using the filter on the site for size 1T, 2T, 3T you will find the garments that have the fit dedicated to your dachshund. Instead the Pupakiotti harnesses are already studied and are adapted to their ergonomics, use the standard sizes. Generally kaninchen dachshunds wear size ML, other dachshunds wear XL-XXL. In any case, we always recommend that you consult the size chart that you will find on each product page, measuring the circumference of your dog's chest. Write to us on our whatsapp chat for any further consultation from our assistant.

What guarantee do you offer for the quality of the products?

All Pupakiotti branded products are guaranteed. Should it happen that a product is defective, we are always available for repair and replacement with a new product. You will find more details HERE

How do I know what size to get for my dog?

Our products are designed for dogs of all breeds from 800 grams up to 18 kg

We recommend consulting the size chart and breed indication here

Write in the whatsapp chat, which you find on each page of the site on the bottom left, for any other consultation from our assistant

What characterizes Pupakiotti clothing for dogs?

Pupakiotti garments are designed for the best fit and maximum comfort

They are tailored products, each model and size has been built and tested on each breed.


Why do you use real leather?

We have made a conscious and sustainable choice for our planet. Skin
it derives only from farms for Italian food purposes, cattle and sheep. There
leather being organic it does not pollute, it allows you to create resistant products,
safe and long-lasting. It is also biodegradable.

What is the difference between the BASIC harness and the PREMIUM or PRECIOUS ones?

All lines are durable, resistant, quality and genuine leather products. The differences are related to details and craft processes. The BASIC line is
precisely more essential, the harness is made of single-layer leather and the metal accessories are Silver steel.

The PREMIUM line is more
sophisticated as it is lined with a very soft layer of leather inside, the edges are dyed by hand and the metal accessories are gold or gunmetal galvanized.

The PRECIOUS line has the same feautures as the premium line, plus the leather haslaminated finishing and the metalic accessories are gold

What is the difference between the different types of leash leather?

The leathers have different finishes to meet the most different needs.

The leathers we use in the leashes have a finished thickness of 1.2 to 2 mm

For the BASIC and CONTEMPORARY line we use leather with a hammered finish, for the PREMIUM line - smooth leather, for the PRECIOUS and GLAM lines - leather with a laminated finishing

Is the leash in real leather?

Yes, we only use leather from farms for food use, cattle and sheep. The leathers are Italian, of the best quality and mostly vegetable tanned

I like the harness but I'm afraid my dog ​​will ruin it, do you have any advice?

Unfortunately, many mistakenly think that leather products, being more beautiful, are more
delicate. It is not so. Leather is a very resistant material, it has always been used for horses and other animals. Our jack russell has been using a basic leather harness for years and despite really treating it like a dog ;-) swimming in the sea, tumbling in the sand and mud, lively games with other
dogs etc., the harness is always the same. To clean it up, a hand wash with soap and water and a little nivea cream to rehydrate the skin is sufficient. Find out more about caring for our leather products HERE .

The only time a dog can really ruin a harness is when they chew on it. You can find some advice at this link .

My harness is damaged, what should I do?

Send us a photo, one of our experts will evaluate the damage. If it is a manufacturing or material defect we will replace it. It often happens that the harness is bitten or rubbed by the dog, in these cases our company does not take responsibility for the damage caused. Read this article on how to recognize the signs

Why don't you make products in Eco leather, imitation leather or Vegan leather?

Because Pupakiotti is a sustainable brand. Vegan leather is a definition created for pure marketing purposes.

Vegan leather, vinyl leather, imitation leather, eco-leather are industrial products generated from plastics and polyurethanes. These products are mostly made in China and contrary to what they may tell they cannot be
ecological, sustainable and vegan materials. They are also poor materials
tensile strength, wear or break quickly, and when discarded take 100 to 500 years to degrade.

However, we have created a new VEGAN line in apple leather. Find out more details here

Is the harness waterproof?

The leather and metal accessories are treated to resist contact with water. However we do not recommend immersing leather products in water. If the harness has been wet, dry it at room temperature, without using hot air and then rehydrate it with a moisturizing cream, such as nivea

Can the harness/collar be used for a puppy?

Our leather products are very soft and light, so even using for a puppy is recommended. The only precaution that must be taken is not to leave the puppy alone unsupervised with the harness on, because he could bite it.

Are your products chew-proof?

No, they are products made from natural materials and are not toys. We recommend teaching the dog not to chew the harness, collar or leash

Is the collar/harness strong enough?

Pupakiotti leather products are made with quality leathers and reinforced at the points of greatest traction. They are very resistant for walking, running and playing for dogs up to 20kg. However, we do not recommend its use for heavier dogs or puppies and adults of breeds that pull particularly strongly, such as boxers, pit bulls, hunting dogs, etc.