Pupakiotti is the brand for dogs, that combines style and comfort. Quality products of a functional design, carefully Made in Italy for the comfort of the dog and of those who accompany him. Harnesses, collars, leashes, carrying bags made with genuine leather, clothing and accessories for dogs of all breeds from 1 to 16 kg. Handcrafted products with passion, care and a strong dedication to quality.


The Pupakiotti brand project is founded by the spouses Elena and Sergio Montagna who, after 20 years of careers in the fashion industry, have identified two new work areas in leather accessories and clothing for dogs,where to pour creativity, knowledge and insights. “We have worked in the fashion world for many years and still design and manufacture high-end leather goods. The idea of transferring this know-how to the pets world was born in 2015 and became concrete a couple of years later. It all started with a need: in the search for clothing and harnesses for our dogs, we realized that something in line with our expectations was missing on the market and we wanted to propose something of absolutely original, functional and aesthetically valid. 

We design and manufacture in Italy quality products for dogs. We take care of research, design and every detail of the product, in order to ensure maximum comfort for the dog and for those who accompany him."

Fondatore Pupakiotti Elena Montagna  Fondatore Pupakiotti Sergio Montagna


The name of the Pupakiotti brand is a fantasy name that comes from babies-puppies, a term of endearment we have always used to call our dogs. Hence a name that expresses passion and emotion for all four-legged friends.


Pupakiotti's mission is to fully meet the needs of those looking for products for dogs of the best quality, beautiful and functional.  


All the models are conceived and created by Sergio and Elena and many of these have a registered design. Much attention is given to the originality of each item.  

The Pupakiotti ergonomic leather harness was conceived in several months of tests and optimizations, useful to achieve a safe and comfortable fit in various sizes, for different dog breeds and at the same time practical to use. We invented a new model of harness from scratch, original and different from any other model on the market today and we have deposited it for the protection of our creativity. To better identify it, we called it Bustier Harness, given the specific bustier shape. When the customer asks us if the Pupakiotti harness is scapular, H shaped, X shaped, Y shaped or cross shaped we answer - bustier shaped. 

Pettorina Pupakiotti 

Pupakiotti Apparel for dogs is made with tailoring techniques and handcrafted entirely in Italy. The style creation, modeling and prototyping are handled personally by Elena Montagna, who holds the role of designer and model maker of the brand. 


The Pupakiotti collections are distinguished by the high quality of the fabrics and used materials, always carefully selected from the best Italian manufacturers, as well as by the attention to fit and modeling of the garments for any size and breed. Our goal is to create products capable of responding to the needs that each specific breed can present. For example, we have developed tailored clothing lines dedicated to bulldogs and dachshunds.  

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di creare prodotti capaci di rispondere alle esigenze che ogni specifica razza può presentare. Ad esempio abbiamo sviluppato linee sartoriali di abbigliamento dedicate ai bulldog e bassotti.

Taglie per bassotti 

«When we design a product we always have in mind the needs of the public, especially the female one, who has a greater taste, and is often attentive to fashion and design trends. For us, the points of reference are always comfort for dogs and design, functionality and style for women. For example, in the creation of carrying bags, from the very beginning, the basic model was that of a women's bag shapes, which we have adapted for the comfort of the dog. The Pupakiotti bag collection stands out for its extreme lightness, quality, design and resistance».

Borsa Trasportino Pupakiotti


From our point of view, on the market of leather goods and accessories for dogs, there is a strong need for novelty, which sometimes remains unspoken and which nevertheless is always present. Many dog owners are dissatisfied with the offer currently available on the market, but they are not always aware of it, until they encounter different products, really of higher quality, more beautiful and functional. With Pupakiotti we want to give an answer to this need, we create products not only for dogs, but for pets owners and we consider our articles as a further complement for them.

Pupakiotti lifestyle


The Flag Ship Store in Milan is the meeting place where, in addition to the sale, we show the first samples or previews of the materials and colors chosen for new collections. In this place we receive feedback from our most loyal customers and ideas for optimizing any details and wearability. In our concept dog owners can participate in the creative process and in part inspire and stimulate it. The store therefore is the connection between the need of the market and the creative office.

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